Personal Stories of Career and Life Transitions

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Personal Stories of Career and Life Transitions

This series will feature individuals telling their stories about their experience of navigating their life transitions from a broad spectrum of generations, genders, ethnicities, and cultures.

Story Tellers You’ll Want to Learn From

These Story-Tellers include people from all walks of life who are willing to share their stories of transition, including the challenges, the successes, and the lessons (sometimes blessings) they received by sometimes stepping deliberately into a new place in their lives and sometimes falling into something they never wanted or dreamed of. Stories are told of real-life experiences—some traumatic and some planned for. Each story has key lessons as an outcome—some not understood right away, and others very surprising. Each of the stories are told by a courageous storyteller who is courageous enough to share for the sake of helping others find some potential jewels for their own life experiences.

Each Story-teller will share their story (either live or by video) and invite your participation to ask questions, probe deeper into their story and hopefully help you come to understand how their challenges may instruct, guide or inspire you as you navigate your life transitions. Sessions will be one hour and the stories will be available monthly. Watch for announcements of each monthly Story-Teller, timing of the sessions, and how to engage with them.