Phyllis Johnson

Phyllis Johnson is the Editor of a spiritual blog for women,The Peacock Solution and a Colour and Creativity Coach/Curator.   Phyllis has researched colour and lifestyle trends worldwide for more than 30 years as a corporate Director of Colour and Trend Forecasting for major companies and manufacturers….producing and facilitating colour/lifestyle forecasting workshops for designers and business leaders.

Phyllis has traveled to Europe and Asia researching colour trends for her professional work and to sacred sites….Egypt, Peru, Bolivia, Bimini and Tonga to experience the land, indigenous cultures and explore the more esoteric meaning of colour for spiritual exploration.

For the past thirteen years, Phyllis has been working with a gifted spiritual teacher to enhance her personal growth…this life changing experience has supported her work as a Creativity Coach producing colour/collage/workshops to encourage “self” discovery and well being.