Life Purpose Workshop

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Life Purpose Workshop

Life Purpose Workshop, with Linda Ward. Saturday, March 17, 2018, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m

The Purpose is to activate your awareness by opening your mind to possible new perspectives, thus seeing yourself and your life as part of a Divine Plan with you as Administrative Director. We are not alone. We are all connected to each other and to a Divine Plan. When the personal and the impersonal meet, something wonderful happens: we want to grow, to learn and to become all we can. Your past will be understood as part of your evolutionary journey and can be integrated into the changes you might like to make NOW. Doors to future possibilities await you as you insightfully engage in the prospects of your life, not the repetitive patterns
of the past. We can no longer successfully act out of the memory of who we are. This is the time of awakening for all.

The Objective is to guide you to the transformational path and awaken within you a belief in what is possible when you know and accept yourself. The intention is to engage hope and to spur you onto new action with practical tools and useful insights for your life. Your purpose will be well-defined, as will your shadow (unloved part of yourself). The naming, understanding, and embracing of the shadow are avenues to its gifts. The influences of the major cycles impacting your life will be discussed, as well as other issues that are of concern to you. This work is conducted in recognition of your quest for self-realization.

The workshop will be held at the Rio del Sol Clubhouse – Gerald Ford and Plumley, Cathedral City, CA 92234. The workshop is limited to 15 people – who will be signed in on a first paid (with their information) – first in basis. No one will be allowed in at the door because of the pre-work and preparation required. The cost is $200 payable by check or credit card.

Open and/or download the attached flyer for more info.