End of Life Guidance

The goal of the Graceful Passages team is to assist families and individuals in making plans for what you would like done as you come to your end of life. We help people develop those plans, identify your wishes for what you want to have happen at the end, have conversations with family and other supports, and support you and your loved ones in the dying process.

We are professionally certified End of Life Practitioners or Doulas who help in many ways to easy the process of dying, grieving, and acknowledging death as a sacred act. We provide grounded, loving, compassionate coaching and guidance and speak with one voice to provide a compassionate witness to both family and the dying person.

We work hand in hand with Hospice and palliative care teams as well as doctors and nurses to create an interconnected web of support of the dying process. Death Doulas provide the dying person with individualized care uniquely suited to their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and cultural needs. We act as a supportive companion and guide to help the dying person have a conscious death experience.

We assist the dying person and family prepare for and carry out their end of life plan. We stay be the side of the dying person throughout the dying process. We provide loving emotional and spiritual support, helping the dying person communicate with loved ones as they move their process. We do everything possible to make everyone involved feel comfortable with carrying out the wishes of the dying person.

Lastly, we stay with the family after the death and provide additional compassionate guidance with the death-related paperwork, final disposition of the body and helping with carrying out services of remembrance or celebrations of life.

Your call for assistance early in life will ensure that everything is in place and loved ones know how to best support you when the end comes.