Dr. Loretta M. Siani

Loretta M. Siani holds a Master of Arts degree in Communications from Pepperdine University.  She wrote her thesis on the persuasive speaking of the Christian apologist C.S. Lewis.  She holds a Doctoral Degree from American Pacific University where her course of study focused on Neuro-linguistic psychology.  She wrote her doctoral dissertation on the history of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and how it was influenced by the founder of family therapy Virginia Satir and the great medical Hypnotherapist Milton Erickson.

Dr. Siani is also a metaphysician and student and teacher of A Course in Miracles. She is the published author of Everyday Miracles, Nine Keys to Miraculous Living, A spiritual guide for miraculous living based on the metaphysics of ACIM.  The Alchemy of Prayer, How it Began and Why it is the Medium of Miracles, another spiritual guide based on the metaphysics of ACIM and The Magic of Excellence, a study of the history and process of NeuroLinguistic programming. A narrated serious of Everyday Miracles is available on audible.com along with her guided imagery sessions Healing Stars, Hypnotherapy for Undoing Illness, Heart Light, Hypnotherapy for Lifting Your Spirits, The Lake, Hypnotherapy for Unshakable Confidence, Dream Maker, Hypnotherapy for Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire, and others.

Formerly Western Regional Sales Training Manager with a major corporation, Dr. Siani has sixteen years experience in business-to-business sales and sales training. She had a private practice for 10 years as a clinical hypnotherapist and metaphysician where she used the spiritual psychology of ACIM and the medicine of mental imagery to help her clients undo the inner obstacles that were blocking their physical and emotional well being.   Today through her company Visionary Communications, Dr. Siani makes the world a better place by dedicating herself to the principles of service, empowerment and spiritual growth by giving inspirational talks and offering guided imagery sessions.

Loretta lives in Palm Desert, CA.  She has two grown children who are accomplished musicians.  She is a passionate event singer specializing in singing our national anthem.  She is on the Board of the East Valley Women Federated; a board member of the non-profit organization Graceful Passages – dedicated to raising consciousness around end of life issues; supports the American Friends of the Armed Forces and is a member of the Palm Springs Air Museum.