Caregiver Coaching


What is Caregiver Coaching?

Caregiver Coaching is a specialty of coaching that provides compassion, understanding and spiritual guidance in caregiving with tools, skills, and plans to guide them as they work to support their loved ones.  The following support includes:

  • Affirming, supporting and enhancing the caregiver’s strengths and accomplishments
  • Making decisions and solving problems that include both family and patient
  • Dealing with stresses that inhibit well being and self compassion
  • Developing effective coping skills
  • Setting reasonable, realistic and attainable goals
  • Setting realistic boundaries
  • Finding support and additional resources
  • Attending key caregiver support groups
  • Receiving education regarding life transitions and passages
  • Learning how to communicate effectively

How and where does caregiver coaching take place?

You and your coach make contact over the phone or Skype for an agreed session time, usually a couple times per month. There is flexibility in that you can talk to your coach from anywhere in the world. The length of the coaching relationship depends on your needs and desires. You and your coach will discuss your needs to create a plan that meets specific needs.

What experience does my coach have?

Elaine is a Master Certified Coach with ICF (International Coaching Federation) and has been coaching leaders and professionals for over 30 years.  She recently completed her certification as an End of Life Practitioner, and is presently leading bereavement support groups, family discussions on preparation for end of life, and is doing grief support groups.  She has a doctorate in organizational leadership, two masters degrees in education psychology and Industrial Relations.  She has hundreds of hours of experience as a coach, educator and speaker. In addition, she spent over ten years as a spiritual coach successfully helping people prepare for death, preparing family rituals, celebrations of life and building strong and resilient practices for the family to embrace one another in this process.

Dr. Elaine brings compassionate understanding and support to facilitation of group process,  making the end of their loved one’s life a truly sacred time.  She has been a caregiver herself for many loved ones over the past ten years.

How much does coaching cost?

The cost for coaching is $75/hour; $40/half hour. There is also opportunity to apply for scholarships should this cost be prohibitive.