About Us

We are a small group of professionals who seek to elevate the experience of death to its sacred place in the beauty and mystery of life.  We choose to surrender and trust deeply in each moment, as we guide people to consciously plan for their final phase of life.  We bring our learning and experience of end of life care to those who wish to consciously navigate this final stage where deep insight and transcendence are revealed.

What We Do

We provide thoughtful, compassionate and authentic guidance to the living about dying—how to prepare for the last stage of life, how to have loving conversations with our family and friends, and how to navigate through the challenges of conscious living, aging and dying.  This guidance is provided through educational offerings, individual or group settings, and through one-on-one coaching.

Who We Are

We are educators, coaches/counselors, and geriatric specialists with many years of experience in helping families, individuals, and other caregivers approach and redefine death with full consciousness of our intentions.  We are healers, teachers, and caregivers who bring authentic presence to our clients revealing our mutual purpose and power.  We share a deep appreciation of life, beauty, precious learning moments, interconnectedness, and spiritual sanctity.