About Us


We are a small group of professionals seeking to elevate the experience of life’s unique and varied transitions in order to reflect the beauty and mystery of what is possible. We bring many years of experience and wisdom to guide and assist others who wish to consciously navigate their own pathway toward a meaningful and expanded perspective on life. We believe life transitions are rich with opportunities for growth and new beginnings, even though there are many twists and turns, often unforeseen. We trust what we have to offer will assist in making the unforeseen more apparent and available for positive outcomes. We believe we offer an exciting adventure!

What We Do

We create key learning opportunities that inform and inspire people to consciously and creatively navigate their unique life stages and challenges—ensuring an intentional purpose guides each passage!

These opportunities range from small group conversations to forums with outside speakers as well as multi-session workshops and courses. Each opportunity invites exploration of unique transitions giving participants resources, insights and guidance.

In each of these opportunities, our intention is to invite participants to fully interact and engage with ideas and others to find the best possible ways of charting their course forward. Ultimately, we expect participants will find alternative ways of transforming their transitional challenges into a new way of being.

Who We Are


We are educators, coaches, and specialists experienced in helping individuals, families and communities identify and work through significant life transitions. This involves consciously dealing with challenges as they surface and turning those into opportunities. We partner with our clients to bring our authentic presence and skills to serve them as they attempt to actively pursue their dreams.